Ikaw Lang ang iibigin December 7 2017

Ikaw Lang ang iibigin

Growing up, they lead separate lives without any communication. Gabriel juggles work and studies, while Bianca became a promising young athlete. Bianca is scouted by TigerShark Energy Drink president, Carlos de la Vega, played of jake cuenca

Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin is a story that will revolve around three triathletes who came from different walks of life. Bianca and Gabriel started out as childhood friends. Together,
they dreamed of being professional athletes. But their friendship was tested through time as they are forced to part ways.
Years later, they meet again. As they continue to run after their dreams, Bianca meets Carlos whose admiration for her pushes him to get in the way of Gabriel’s goals, and destroy what the two childhood friends have. Meanwhile, Isabel, a woman who has unrequited feelings for Carlos, adds an exciting twist to Bianca’s journey as an aspiring athlete. Witness their story in Dan Villegas’ latest creation, a tale of struggling for dreams and fighting for love!
Kim Tiu and Gerald are Team up again in the teleserye but in the morning time slot they play role as an Athlete triathlon sportman The series premiered on abs-cbn Tv Network.